On the Workbench - Fenwick Vine

On the Workbench – Fenwick Bridal Hair Vine

One of our most sought after designs at the moment is the richly beautiful Fenwick vine. Immensely popular with our stockists at the recent White Gallery bridal event, Fenwick is currently the most frequent design on the MT workbench and will be available imminently in bridal boutiques across the country. With a focus on decadent…

White Gallery – Exclusive Runway Show

In the final run up to White Gallery, exciting developments have been taking place here at MT-HQ this week. We are delighted to announce we will be showcasing our new collections at spectacular runway show, alongside three huge names in bridal fashion, Randy Fenoli Bridal, Modeca and Herve Paris. This exclusive event will take place…

Bridal Buyer March 2019

In the Press – Bridal Buyer

There was a lovely surprise waiting for us in this month’s edition of Bridal Buyer, an unexpected and very flattering write up in the News section.

Who doesn’t want to be known as an Accessory Icon!  We do! Thank you Bridal Buyer x


White Gallery 2019

It’s almost time for the spectacular bridal extravaganza that is White Gallery. Synonymous with luxury, prestige and exclusivity, White Gallery is firmly established as the foremost designer-only buying event in the international calendar and we’re delighted to be there. This season we’ll be launching two new collections with very different personalities, the Stargazer Collection and the…

Stargazer Collection

Stargazer Collection – Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to announce the much anticipated arrival of our breathtaking Stargazer Collection. The full Stargazer Collection will launch on the Miranda Templeton website, alongside the Mixed Metals Collection, on Friday 1st March. Look out for previews on our social media now! Modern and enigmatic, the Stargazer Collection delivers a fresh new take on…

Mixed Metals Collection

Mixed Metals Collection – Coming Soon!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our exciting new Mixed Metals collection. Several of these opulent new designs made their debut at Harrogate in September and caused quite a stir. Since then we’ve added to and completed this beautiful new range. The full Mixed Metals Collection will launch on the Miranda Templeton website,…